Monday, 17 August 2015


When a child in school decides to read Law in his/her higher education programme, he needs to know what it entails, what is expected of him and the necessary skills he must acquire to become a successful lawyer and fulfill his dream. Most times such information as these are not usually found in the school curriculum, they are packaged in ways the student can access the information and make the most optimal use of them to his benefit and MENTORING session is one way students can get such push in the right direction.

Try mentoring in your school for your students today and see the impact! Follow becoming a lawyer

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Business professionals give students real perspective

molivastuds1.jpgAfter last year’s amazing success of the students in DECA competition, I am truly committed to the International Telementor Program (ITP).  Even though my students are really capable and committed to the projects they work on, the mentor expertise in the business world brings them a perspective they cannot get anywhere else at this point in their lives.CLICK

Mentoring, networking recommended as way to better job

kylepanelMy oldest son, Kyle, is learning the value of networking. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree two years ago and has struggled since then to find a “real” job. His world is beginning to change, however. After serving on a panel moderated by the director of AOL Jobs, he’s now blogging for that online resource and receiving advice from noteworthy career coaches and others. Their recommendations include seeking out a mentor and emphasize the importance of building a professional network. While these strategies aren’t new to Kyle given that his mom works for ITP, which is all about mentoring and building professional networks, I believe hearing this wisdom from outside sources increases its value.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Starting soon - Online course on Digital Publishing: Blogging

You can own your own website or design one for your company. It brings you out for the world to know what you have to offer. You can showcase your products, activities or your profile for donors and co-researchers to find you if you are in academics or research. The course is for everyone who wants to have an international up-scale. Register now for a short course on blogging. You must not be a journalist before you publish, it is for everyone who has something good for the world! visit remoteclasses

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Try out something unusual!

Locate  a role model today, someone you like, someone you admire from a distance. Someone you know that can contribute tremendously and productively to your life. Walk up to him or her and say with a smile - I just want to say hello, i admire you a lot!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Everyone needs a sense of direction. At times they are clear and most times, we get confused, we seem lost, we find it difficult to chart our course to realise our life purpose. I discovered, someone can help, i mean someone more superior who has gone through that route of life before now. It makes sense to consult such a person for little clarifications. Maybe it will do. YES! it will go a whole long way, give it a try. Contact remote mentor, get a mentor today!